Daily Life

My mother has just gotten a “Your Windows program isn’t working,” phone call. She likes to keep them on the line, apparently, so her half of the conversation is going like this: “Hello?” “Who is this?” “Oh *really*?” “My computer is already on!” “Oh no! What are you going to do about it?” “Are you […]

Subject line says it all. :) We’re back from America, where we had a very nice time and about which I will write more as soon as I am not exhausted, so, uh, look for an update in what, February? :)

I had a rather good dream that had the bones of a MG/YA thing, in which there was a (difficult to access) window that led to another time period, and in which Amanda Palmer was the rather alarming Queen of Faerie. The sort you don’t mess with. I can’t, of course, remember any details, which […]

Just apparently either terribly busy or terribly boring. Last night we made it to the beginning of the celestial alignment in ‘Highlander: The Source’ before being unable to stand it anymore and concluding one had to be already preposterously drunk to watch that movie. For those following along at home, that’s about 7 minutes into […]

So I got outbid on that fabulous 1920s style dress, as I’d expected to. I was regretful but not surprised, and started poking around at other not-quite-so-good ones. Then I got an email from a reader. She’d clicked through to see the dress, her husband had seen her looking at it, surmised that she wanted […]