CEMurphy.Net redirected

the essential kit

All right, CEMurphy.Net is officially redirected and folded into mizkit.com. The cemurphy stuff now has a (not dramatically, but) different right nav, header nav, and header than the mizkit stuff. I’m pleased.

I’m even *more* pleased that there is now regular new CEMurphy-filtered content popping up under the redirect/new category, without me having to do two different sites. People who want the cemurphy material can get it without being bogged down in the rest of my site, and people who want to follow the main blog will get all the CEMurphy content without worrying about it.

To celebrate–and because today is the semi-official release day for MOUNTAIN ECHOES–I’ve put NO DOMINION on sale at Amazon (print & Kindle editions) and at Barnes & Noble (Nook edition) for the next three days! Go forth, snatch it up while you can!


  1. Help! The book isn’t on sale with Amazon, it’s still $9.99. It’s $4.99 on Nook, help a book budgeter out. LOL

    1. *mutters* The Amazon system must’ve burped, because an hour ago it was set to $4.99 there. Give it another hour and check again? If it keeps coming up wrong we’ll resort to Other Means after a while. :)

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