Short Stories & Other Offerings

» Them Shoes : A re-telling of “The Red Shoes”

» Glasslands : Prequel to an unwritten science fiction saga

» Salt Water Stains the Sand : an Old Races story of the djinn Malik and “the first time he lost”

» Five Card Draw : A story of the Old Races (renamed, used to be “New York Hold ‘em”).

» Magic Hath An Element : the first chapters of URBAN SHAMAN seen from beloved sidekick Gary Muldoon’s point of view!

» Rabbit Tricks : Joanne Walker finally gives Ashley Hampton the police station tour she was promised–and Brer Rabbit tags along.

» Forgotten But By A Few : a Gary short story set the same weekend as SPIRIT DANCES.

» A Compendium of Kitlings : Originally written for Speculation Press’s Mrs. O’Leary’s Boardinghouse anthology, which never happened. The premise of the anthology was that in turn-of-the-century Chicago, Mrs. O’Leary discovered that aliens (the sort from outer space) tended to pay their boarding fees more promptly than human boarders, and also in gold. This, then, is a story of one of Mrs. O’Leary’s boarders…

» Previously, on Take A Chance… : A prequel to TAKE A CHANCE, and also an audition script for any artist who’d like to try their hand at Chance.