I cannot possibly be stressed.

I’ve been on vacation for two weeks. I cannot possibly be stressed. And yet I’ve had the “it’s the last week of college and I’ve realized there’s a class I haven’t attended all semester” dream twice the last few nights, and another canker sore attempted (futilely, thanks to the constant influx of Christmas oranges) to lodge itself in my upper lip.

I do need to do a couple things sooner rather than later this week:

– re-draw the TQB map, since I’ve apparently lost the Giant Version, which annoys the crap out of me
– find out the new phone number here
– email paul
– email jg

We had a birthday party for Breic yesterday, which was fun. He got, among other things, a binocular digital camera that looks well-nigh indestructible. He was very excited about that. :) Pictures here, if you want to look. Or even if you don’t. :)