Or more relevantly, why does the to-do list never seem to get *shorter*? Speaking of which (heh) I wonder if I should put together a 2013 calendar. Not today, anyway. But speaking of calendars, I’m putting the Kickstarter calendar together and putting out one last call to see if anybody’s got photos they’d be willing […]

After poking around on the net all day I came across, which appears to have pretty much all the formatting elements I want out of a calendar-creator, so I went ahead and made an Ireland 2010 calendar. It’s 14 photographs, including the front and back covers, and I have been nervy and put the […]

I was sitting around last night blowing my nose rather more frequently than usual, and suddenly realized that the solid plugged-uppedness of the left nostril was not usual dust/cat dander/whatever sort of stuffiness, and that indeed it was symptomatic of the cold that’s been going around my family. I took some cold medicine and promptly […]