movie mondays

Picoreview: A Little Chaos: Entirely fictional, but charming. I mean, entirely fictional: Kate Winslet’s character is an invention, no one like her existed at all, and…I wish they wouldn’t do that. It’s like Disney’s Pocahontas: why drop a couple of historical names on top of characters who live lives completely unlike the real story? The […]

Picoreview: Fast & Furious 7: broke my heart. I knew it was going to; the goddamn trailers were making me tear up even as I recognized that they were specifically choreographed to. I had no attachment at all to Paul Walker–I think the only thing I’ve seen him in is the F&F movies–but I was […]

Picoreview: Seventh Son: I can’t tell if that was subjectively bad or objectively bad. The problem is that I’ve read the source books, but not for quite a while, and they’re a terrible adaptation of the source books but because my memory of them isn’t clear I spent a great deal of the movie going, […]

Picoreview: Insurgent: A lot better than Divergent. This is damning with faint praise, as I thought Divergent was pretty awful, or possibly even worse than “pretty awful” in that you could see where it could possibly be good but MOSTLY what you saw was how it Wasn’t Hunger Games. Insurgent didn’t have as much of […]

Picoreview: Cinderella: Surprisingly good. Surprisingly dark! And that dress, wow. Cate Blanchett is, of course, splendid as the Wicked Stepmother, who was–in Ever After they managed to make the stepmother a more interesting than simply evil character, and Disney stepped up the game again with her. In everything save her treatment of Cinderella, I frankly […]