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Rogue hoodie. I will obviously be getting one of these. I’m tempted to also get the Captain Marvel one, but as someone on Twitter pointed out, what they really need to make is a reversible Rogue/Carol one. :)

I gotta stop going into Chapters Bookstore. Every time I do, I come out with more research material. :) The last foray netted me A BRIEF HISTORY OF KHUBILAI KHAN for an upcoming project and THE FUTURE HISTORY OF THE ARCTIC for the climate change series I’m not writing.

The Kenai Peninsula (my home area) is on fire. Nearly 250 square miles have burned now (approximately the size of the San Francisco Bay Area), people I know are being evacuated from their homes, and it’s getting worse, not better. On Saturday evening it was only (only) 200 square miles burned. #worries

*laughs* I got a cool purple cover for my new Kobo. Ted’s now got e-reader envy, even though he got a new 12″ tablet last week that he loves. *laughs* :)

Okay. I’m off to do laundry and to root around in the freezer and see what I can find for dinner. (Actually, the lettuce needs clipping back, so we might have super supper salads for dinner. Dinner! From our garden! So cool! :))

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