thinks to do

I chased Lucy off the table, where she’d crawled sneakily (first the chair, then my lap, then over my arm to the table, and surprisingly, it *was* sneaky: it took me a moment to realise what she’d done!) and so now she’s gone to the other end of the room and is sitting Very Precisely atop the stereo in the deep window and staring accusingly at me. :)

This week is far less of a Writing Blitz. Only aiming for 2K a day, in large part because I’m going to Dublin on Tuesday and therefore have no chance of getting 5K written on either Tues or Weds. (I’ll bring the Dana and perhaps prove myself wrong, because it’s a long damned bus ride, but nevermind that.) Also, my brain is tired from last week’s blitz, honestly, and I don’t really want to push that hard again immediately.

There are, however, inevitably, about forty thousand other thinks that need doing. Sigh. So, what I can remember…

leaving the house stuff
go to the writers’ group in a couple hours
go to Dublin for NISFA talk
argh, send Frank some idea of what I might *talk* about at the NISFA chat :p
– gym 4 times this week

chance stuff
– get my feet under dealing with Chance covers
– pursue any Chance notes that have not been pursued
» notes for Ardian
» still with the 4th issue page 1 sketch
» get issue #1 uploaded for the Dabels by Fri?
answer Dabel Bros email
– continue to search out artists
– *try* to get Chance #6 written

house stuff
clean the kitchen Ted did this, bless him
do laundry
– clean the bathroom
– get the living room, which has not quite reached out of control, back under control
– make some attempt at hacking the back garden into shape

writer stuff
– get books into the mail
– get new photographs printed up
– write 12,000 10,000 words
– see how long HANDS OF FLAME revisions can be avoided, which means
– read the revision letter

…honestly, if I can get all of that done this week I’m going to be impressed with myself. I’m also going to try not to *add* anything to that damned list. :p