Works in Progress

The Works In Progress Page

(last updated 9 November 2020)


The projects here are listed in more or less the order I intend to work on them in, with the least amount of time & effort to the most. They do not reflect any potential traditional sales, which take priority and tend to upend the schedule, or things like PANDEMICS or other life events prone to upsetting plans. In the best possible, totally uninterrupted schedule, the “Current Projects” list will probably take me until mid-2022.

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Current Projects

The Guildmaster Saga (MG/YA epic fantasy) — One book to revise, one book left to write. In theory, book 3, SKYMASTER, will be out in early 2021, and the final book, SUNMASTER, in mid-2021. This is very theoretical and yet also CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to my sanity, so I hope it, if nothing else on this list, works out as planned.

Virtue Shifters (paranormal romance) — I’ll essentially be alternating between writing Everything Else On This Page & writing these, because they actually make money and money is nice. Book two, VOLUNTEER LIBEARIAN, stars book one’s supporting actress Sarah, and a bear shifter librarian who’s new to town. :)

The Heartstrike Chronicles (urban fantasy) — 2 books to write. I so very, very badly want to get these both out in 2021. It’s not impossible. It may not be likely, but it’s not impossible.

Gladiator Shifters (paranormal romance) — 2 books left to write. I hope/intend to have the series finished before the end of 2021. If they’re not, it’s only because they’re making too little money to prioritize.

Patreon Fic & Short Stories (fic) — malingering, but I’ll get there

In theory, the to-write list goes in something like this order:
– Guildmaster #4
– Virtue #2
– Gladiator #5
– Heartstrike #2
– Virtue #3
– Heartstrike #3
– Gladiator #6

In theory.

Upcoming Projects

Austen Chronicles (Regency fantasy) — 20K of book 2 is written. Ideally I’ll manage to get it out, or at least WRITTEN, in 2021. Realistically, IDK. We’ll hope.

Lovelorn Lads (Regency romance) — I will not be starting more of these until everything under the Current Projects label is done.

Redeemer Wars (historical urban fantasy) — I will not say that I won’t write more Redeemer Wars books until everything above them on this page is FINISHED, but I’m not saying I will, either.