Hah! I found it! In an envelope I’d entirely overlooked, because it didn’t have a return address, and the fact that it had both mine and Deirdre’s names on it didn’t register on any level. I thought: I’ll look at it later, and now, considerably later, as I’m putting the rest of the stuff I took apart back together, I /did/ look, and lo! There it is!

Ok. Tomorrow I need to call the consulate, because they’ve got Deirdre’s city of birth down as being Anchorage, not Soldotna, on her foreign births entry form. Hopefully this won’t be too much of an issue and we can get our passports all taken care of.

Tomorrow I *also* need to get the appropriate paperwork for Ted to fill out so that *he* can get *his* citizenship. Yay! Zoop!

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