art post: NOT-Saturday-sketches

I’ve been really, really busy and haven’t really made it to the Saturday night art zooms for a while, but I did buy a couple of new sketchbooks with the goal of filling them over the summer. One’s going to be a summer project with my son, I hope, just fast sketches stuff, and the other is a smaller one for me to just pick up whenever. So I did a couple sketches this week. My rules were “no more than ten minutes and no erasing.” (Actually I did 3…

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art blog: fat lady with ax

Arright, from my last Saturday evening art zoom, and I did the thing I was talking about, working from a reference piece, doing a freehand sketch, then a quick trace, then trying the freehand again. I like the energy of the first one best but the third one actually…turned out pretty well, even if it’s only blue lines. I didn’t think it was turning out well while I was working on it, but…it might not be bad, actually? The model is Lauren Ashley, working with Adorka Stock Pose Reference for…

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art blog: rogue and dancer

I did an art zoom last weekend. I haven’t drawn anything in ages, partly, largely, from decision paralysis, but I had to draw SOMETHING for the zoom, so this is what I did. I feel very nervous and uncomfortable showing people. It’s about as good as I can do without trying digital shading or colouring, which I’m really bad at. I know the leg’s fucked up, but see above. :p A couple days later, Stephen Blackmoore, who posts these ridiculous horoscope things, posted “Gemini: Today you will be possessed by…

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Hnh. Thoughts on 10K hours.

Ted’s reading this book about learning stuff, and the 10,000 hour thing. The author kinda posits that the first 2K hours are foundational, the rest are mastery. I’m generalizing wildly abt the author’s stance here bc, like, I haven’t read it, BUT: I think that’s a friggin intriguing place to start. Like. Like. I’m sure that over the course of my life I’ve spent somewhere between 5-600 hours studying Spanish. Definitely not more, maybe not even more than 500. But we’ll give me the 600, because what the hell, why…

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The Eldritch Horror

Okay, I finished the page to the best of my…uh…patience…and I have no chill, so I’m just gonna go ahead and post it instead of waiting until next week like somebody with chill. I’m sure that in the future if I do more of these I will totally have chill and not post them to the world immediately. Probably.