Feel free to share and/or use/amend it for your own purposes. *** To the Irish Government: I have watched the ‘return to school’ plans develop over the past week with increasing horror and dismay and am now writing to ask you what the actual fuck the government thinks it’s doing. The HSE’s guidelines indicate a […]

I posted this cartoon (with sincere apologies to cartoonist Sidney Harris) over on Facebook, and an American friend said they’d been trying to follow some of the Brexit news, but frankly it was all a bit confusing (and as if there’s not enough confusion to sort through in the States), so I wrote a very […]

So I woke up to winning the House, losing the Senate, taking several gubenatorial seats, record-high turnout, 1.4m people with their right to vote restored in Florida, and a WHOLE lot more women in political power than there were yesterday. Guys, this is a good day. It’s not a perfect day. The Senate seat losses […]

I’ve been–I don’t think I’ve been doing it on the blog, but on Twitter and my FB page I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on Wonder Woman all summer long. I’ve seen it five or six times in the theatre (including infamously flying to Liverpool to take my friend Leah to it to make sure […]

Or don’t, as you see fit. But if you’ve ever wondered how ordinary decent people let Nazi Germany happen, if you’ve ever thought “I would have done something, if I’d been alive back then,” well, this is how it happened, and what we do now is what we would have done then. Hi. My name […]