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    dear god, it’s november

    This year has just…gone. Poof. Fweh. Zoom. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve ever fully recovered from moving. Possibly because the last dozen or whatever boxes still aren’t dealt with. I just need another bookshelf, at this point, and I don’t have one. #sigh Anyway.

    I have so many things to do. My daily Thinks To Do List looks like this, every day all month:

    – write 2k on REDEEMER (ie, nanowrimo)
    revise (or proof) 50 pages on one of 3 different projects 50 pages : proofed
    clean a room (thanksgiving is coming) kitchen : sparkling

    …somehow that doesn’t look as horrible as it seems, but revising something and writing something else at the same time is not in my natural skill set…

    Anyway, yeah, so I’m basically Nanowrimoing, although I don’t think I’ll use the site this year. I’m having a hard enough time keeping up on blogging, nevermind adding another place to go daily. @.@

    Speaking of still-packed boxes, Ted found my coloring books! I’m going to try to spend half an hour every evening coloring, too, because they say it’s practically like meditation and that’d be good for me. @.@ And…yeah. Just a lot is happening.

    Oh, God, I wangsted about it on FB and Twitter but I haven’t posted here. My laptop has started making Alarming Clunking Noises, and told me to back everything up and contact the manufacturer to see if I needed to repair or to replace the hard drive. I got the music and my downloads folder and my bookmarks backed up, and I work out of Dropbox anyway, so if it suddenly totally just dies I’ll probably be okay, but I’d really rather not need to buy a new laptop, uh, well, at all. I’d *like* to get a ridiculously large all-in-one screen for my desktop and a tablet-with-keyboard for remote working, but we’re talking several thousand euro worth of tech lust there, which is profoundly impractical. Failing that, until the unlikely time I can afford a big all-in-one, a higher-end tabtop that has enough USB ports to plug my keyboard etc in to and is still light enough for me to carry around practically…is also too expensive. :) So let’s hope the laptop clunks along a while longer. :}

    Anyway, I started this blog post like 11 hours ago and I’ve proofed my pages and cleaned a room, so now I’m going to actually, IDK, post it, and go try to get my NNWM words in.

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    how does this happen to me?

    and others pointed out to me that perhaps the 10K daily steps thing was meant for people who were not also riding their bike to the gym and swimming. Unless, Tersa said, you’re an overachiever.

    I fear she was making an insinuation, but it is not one I can grasp.

    I’m going to finish this pass of revisions on TRUTHSEEKER today, come hell or high water (and at the rate I’m going, ie, not having started yet, it seems likely one of those will arrive before I’m done), then take the weekend off and Monday/Tuesday address anything that’s still relevant from my editor’s revision letter after the MASSIVE REWRITES. I’d hoped to turn this in two weeks ago, but it’ll be in by the end of the month, which is Good Enough. Because I’m not behind the 8-ball. :)

    Somehow I have ended up with a list of things to do in July which is longer than the number of weeks in the month, which was not at *all* my intention.
    – A Walker Papers short story of some kind (or possibly even two)
    – a Janx & Daisani Old Races story
    two one graphic novel proposals
    – one novel proposal
    – an essay or two for the Chance GN/getting together all the materials for that GN
    » includes asking my team if they want to write essay things
    » and getting color notes to Jason
    – possibly do revisions for DEMON HUNTS if I get a revision letter
    – get started on WAYFINDER
    – and oh yeah, pitch a third book in this series to my editor

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    I have rapidly deduced that the problem with the bicycle is that it will cut into my Walk to Rivendell quite dramatically. I’m going to have to put some actual effort into going out for a daily walk, and I’m not likely to get anywhere near the 10K steps one is ‘supposed’ to manage. OTOH, I swam yesterday and today too, which has to go in the plus column for the bike.

    I am beating my head against revisions. At some point one of us will emerge bloody and victorious, but I’m not sure it’s me right now. I’ve clawed my way past page 300 after spending most of the day trying to remove pages from a chapter that was just too goddamned long. I have at least two more scenes that need POV-switching, and I have to decide if the new bit I introduced earlier is going to come back in immediately or in the second book, but actually besides that it might not be so bad, because the rest of the book is from the heroine’s POV anyway. Maybe I can finish this revision pass tomorrow after all.

    I need to email my colorist and my letterer and do a Magical Words post. *whimpers* I have no brain left.

    eta: ok, just totally made my day with this video. :)

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    Five weeks and ninety thousand words later, DEMON HUNTS is *done*.

    I was very, very determined to finish it today. 5700 word day, and I was writing scenelets all over the damned place hoping they’d add up to something I could stitch together and make the end of the book. They did. :)

    Buuuunches of work to go back and do to actually make the whole thing hang together smoothly, but I sent the book to one of my early readers yesterday before it was done and in a fit of enthusiasm he read it and there were many things that surprised him and pleased him and made him think. So I … was very relieved to hear that. :) (And I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the very end, which I love.)

    I…have to revise this, obviously, before I turn it in (goal: delivery next Friday. Or before, if possible. That’d be nice. But Friday next is plenty soon enough.). I’m expecting a revision letter on TRUTHSEEKER any minute now. And I have to revise “Cairn Dancer”, which I’ve been failing to do for like two months now. So that will probably take up the rest of May.

    But basically, guys, I’m officially out from behind the 8-ball. My next book isn’t due til the end of October. I have a short story due in November. So that’s what, 95K between now and then. Shit, I just wrote that much in the past five weeks.

    I’m going to go collapse in relief now, I think.

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    cannot brain i have teh dumb

    I think I have about a chapter and a half to go on this book. It is getting ever-slower. I have reached the Novelist’s Event Horizon. I’m coming to the conclusion that the last five chapters or so of any book is my least favorite part of writing it. For years now I’ve been skipping ahead and writing the last scene, and I now suspect that this is because I just want to get it over with and have some vague (if desperately wrong) hope that if I write the last scene the rest of it will all magically fall into place.

    It doesn’t, of course, but hope springs eternal.

    I did something different with this book, after a discussion at Magical Words about plotting vs pantsing. It struck me that the books that have gone the most smoothly–noteably THE QUEEN’S BASTARD and THE PRETENDER’S CROWN, which are flipping huge books–had, for their size, very detailed outlines. Now, I’ve always thought of myself as a pantser who only plots so far as it’s necessary to sell a book, but having thought about this, I decided to run an experiment. I wrote five pages of single-spaced notes for DEMON HUNTS in addition to the synopsis I’d used to sell the book.

    My typical writing pattern is to hit the 1/3rd mark and a wall, back up, fix mistakes, charge forward to the 2/3rds mark, hit a wall, back up, fix mistakes, finish the book.

    I made one mistake in this book (at least as far as I can tell. I’m sure my editor will find more.). It was of such colossal nature that I wrote myself into a corner within 1500 words and had to fix it. That was…halfway through? Or so. Otherwise, really, this has gone incredibly smoothly. A survey sample of one is too small to really tell, but I’m clearly going to have to try this method (I still can’t type that word without typing “Methos” first) again on the next book, because if I’ve found a way to take some of the pain out of putting a novel together, I want *on* that bandwagon. I’m almost looking forward to writing another book to see if it works again.

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