Five weeks and ninety thousand words later, DEMON HUNTS is *done*.

I was very, very determined to finish it today. 5700 word day, and I was writing scenelets all over the damned place hoping they’d add up to something I could stitch together and make the end of the book. They did. :)

Buuuunches of work to go back and do to actually make the whole thing hang together smoothly, but I sent the book to one of my early readers yesterday before it was done and in a fit of enthusiasm he read it and there were many things that surprised him and pleased him and made him think. So I … was very relieved to hear that. :) (And I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the very end, which I love.)

I…have to revise this, obviously, before I turn it in (goal: delivery next Friday. Or before, if possible. That’d be nice. But Friday next is plenty soon enough.). I’m expecting a revision letter on TRUTHSEEKER any minute now. And I have to revise “Cairn Dancer”, which I’ve been failing to do for like two months now. So that will probably take up the rest of May.

But basically, guys, I’m officially out from behind the 8-ball. My next book isn’t due til the end of October. I have a short story due in November. So that’s what, 95K between now and then. Shit, I just wrote that much in the past five weeks.

I’m going to go collapse in relief now, I think.

ytd wordcount: 173,400
miles to Minas Tirith: 230

6 thoughts on “thud!

  1. Scott Scheller says:

    Congrats on finishing the draft of DEMON HUNTS!
    And if you need any other beta readers . . . .
    Now, take a deep breath, and brace yourself for that first edit pass.

    1. mizkit says:

      *laughs* People often seem happy to volunteer for that position… :)

  2. Wade Thomas Markham, III says:

    Congrats on the draft. I am wondering if you feel brain fried every night after writing because I do, and do you need to take some time off occasionally to rest up?

    1. mizkit says:

      Thanks! And man, at this point I’ve been brain-fried for years. But yeah, on the big writing days, I’m very brain-fried. I’m useless right now.

  3. Laura says:

    yay done. now then…

    Do you really think you will relax after all the revisions? Or will you go ahead and plow through for the next book and the short story well ahead of time so you can free yourself up to do… something?

    1. mizkit says:

      I honestly have no idea. I’m going to do the revisions on everything and then I’ll see. I may decide that taking a month off to blow spit bubbles is the only logical choice. :)

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