Things have not gone particularly right today. Bank would not allow a standing order of sufficient magnitude to be set up online to pay rent. Went to bank. Ran into friend on the way. Lovely to see her! 20 minute delay on way to bank. Cannot set up standing order at bank kiosk either. Eyed […]

The spotty child is on the road to recovery. There weren’t any new spots yesterday, just old ones increasing in awfulness, and today they are slightly fewer in number. Last night he was smoothing his hair down, and I said, “Stop rubbing.” He, greatly offended, said, “I’m NOT rubbing! I’m trying to look cooler! So […]

Yesterday was a pajama day. After all the moving and the party and the pox we were exhausted, and then our silly child got up at 6:20 in the morning. I got up with him and tried to read while he watched tv, but about 9am I fell asleep reading and crawled onto the couch […]

The housewarming party went really well yesterday. Most people were able to attend despite the poxy child, and in a fortuitous combination of good weather and me just not being up to trying to otherwise entertain said poxy child, basically the adults spent the entire afternoon and evening outside in the vast, beautiful back garden […]

You know how in the last blog post I said there was insult added to injury regarding the bookcase? It got worse. I thought, well, I can’t possibly finish anything if I don’t put the new bookcase together, so I got ready to do that and I opened the first box and…both the long sides […]