10%, 10%, 10% onward…

I’m working on a short book (the one mentioned in the process post a couple days ago) and have just edged my way past 10%, which is one of those milestone numbers. It’s starting to take shape structurally, too, which is great, because it’s a blueprint for the structure of the rest of the books. And it’s still amusing me, so hopefully it’ll amuse readers too.

I’ve also gone off-synopsis already, although the off-ness isn’t relevant to the overall structure; it’s just a nicer/smoother opening than what I’d envisioned. So that’s kind of nice too. Look! Writerbrain at work!

My Scrivener conversion continues. I actually put MAGIC & MANNERS into Scrivener yesterday, although I need to break out character and place names to have at a handy glance. Still, obviously I’m planning to continue using the program, perhaps especially after Harry mentioned this “typewriter style” in it where it keeps the new text in the middle of the screen instead of rolling up from the bottom. It’s very sexy. :)

Of course, it’ll be sexier once I figure out how to reset the damned default font and why it periodically randomly stops indenting my paragraphs and things like that…

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