100 Days of Spanish

I have completed 100 days of Spanish.

I’m quite proud of that. On the other hand, for probably the last month or even more, I’ve really been retreading the same territory. One of the… problems? Duolingo has, or I have, is that it reasonably wants you to keep your vocabulary going. It wants to strengthen your previous lessons. Which you know, makes sense.

So the problem that I’m having is that I’m basically not spending enough time — certainly not as much time as it wants me to – studying. I get so that’s on me. :-) But I also guess it’s really kind of depressing to not be making loads of forward progress.

I mean, I could be choosing to forge ahead with new lessons every day and not worry so much about strengthening, except, of course, I do find the strengthening to be very helpful. Especially — not so much for actual vocabulary — but in terms of verb conjugation, which was never really my strong point. As I said to a friend one time, I can have a pretty solid conversation in Spanish but I can only do it in the present tense.

How very Hemingway, she said. :-)

Anyway, I have been enjoying doing Duolingo. I plan to keep going, but I’m going to have to either dedicate more time to it (*looks frazzled*) or I’m going to have to accept my strengthening skills are going to be insufficient.