I think we’ve actually gained slightly on Swan River Press! Admittedly, we still have over 600 votes to catch up, but if we catch up by Friday evening, I’ll post the first chapter of SHAMAN RISES! :) Vote here! (And here’s the Swan River project too. :))

Following on my rant last Friday, I was tipped to this webcomic, which pretty well nailed it. (Thank you, Hataroni, for the link!)

Ted and I (mostly Ted) put up the new shelves in the utility room last night. They’re just about exactly what I wanted, and I’m now unpacking more. How is it that emptying several boxes only appears to accomplish more empty boxes littering up the place instead of any evident degree of further unpacking?

(3 hours later) The utility room is temporarily under control. I hold no illusions that it’s going to stay that way, and the dining room is somewhat worse than it was, between the vast number of broken-down boxes and the smaller amount of newly unboxed Random Crap that hasn’t yet got somewhere to really live, but at least the utility room can now be used as a staging area where I can unpack a box and spread its contents all over everything and decide where they should be put.

I also have a murderous headache, probably from a combination of the ponytail and not enough water. I’ve corrected both and taken some advil, but ow.

(Two hours later) Headache’s gone, thank goodness. Now I’m going to go watch some more Jericho. I gotta say, I wouldn’t normally approve, but the last episode caused me to say GO DALE and now I’m hoping for the emotional ramifications that I’m hoping for instead of the more likely ones.

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