Let’s see!

Still weighing in at 190. I must put a piece of paper over the fudge that says 188 in big letters so that I’m forced to think about whether I *really* want that fudge right then, or if I *really* want to weigh 188 on Tuesday. :)

Gymmed last night. 125 crunches, some floor work and some weights, 3 miles, and a blister on my achilles. Ow, ow ow. My left shoe exploded and, well, rubbed a stupid blister onto my heel. Stupid shoe. Guess I’m going shoe shopping this afternoon.

Also going to RotK this afternoon. Ahahahaha. :)

Finished wrapping most of Ted’s family’s presents last night, and we finished putting the tree up. It looks nice. :) I still have Huge Numbers of presents to wrap, and I haven’t even shopped for Ted at ALL yet. It’s not exactly that I hate wrapping presents, but I do wish it took about 234209870 hours less time. It makes me grumpy. o.o

Oh, and we sent 39740987 boxes of goodies and presents out yesterday. Or 8 boxes, anyway. People in the US should get them by early next week, and *hopefully* Janne and Geni will get ’em before Christmas, but I donno, and I bet Geni’s going to England for Christmas anyway so I guess it’ll just have to wait on her. C’est la vie.

Did I mention the going to RotK this afternoon? :)

miles to Rivendell: 361
Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 374! YAY HEATHER! She made her goal! YAAAAAY! That means she gets to go see RotK today! :)

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