It was a nice day. :) I read a book this morning before going to get my hairs trimmed. The hairdresser expressed surprise over how much my hair’d grown in the 6 weeks since I got it trimmed last, and we had a nice talk for a while as she cut my hair, and then Ted and I went out to Eagle River because they’re closing the comic shop there and today was “Everything in the store is $1” and Ted wanted to check it out. I looked in the store and was like ‘uh, no’ and so I sat in the car and read the first 75 pages of Mercedes Lackey’s Take A Thief. Ted came out laden with Much Loot. :)

We swung by the Northway Mall to hit Waldenbooks and had a little bookstore accident. I mean, it’s not *exactly* an accident, is it, if you have a gift certificate? It was a $30 gift certificate, and I only spent an additional $30 beyond that… *big eyes* Except, you know? Ted bought 3 books at Title Wave and one at Bosco’s and I think that no matter how you slice it, when you come home with 14 more books than you left the house with, you’ve had a bookstore accident. :) But I got the next 2 books in the YA series I’m reading (Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters, Among the Betrayed; they’re quite good) and Grim Tuesday, the sequel to Mister Monday, and Ella Enchanted because they’ve made a movie of it and I wanna read the book before I see the movie, and … several not-YA-books the titles of which I don’t remember.

We also bought a ginormous print that we’d admired several times at the art gallery at the Northway Mall. It was 50% off an already not-absurd purchase price, and we got our tax return and thus had mad money to spend, and so we decided to buy the print. Tomorrow we’ll have to put it up. :)

And we had lunch at Tommy’s Burger Stop, and then trundled home so Ted could get ready to go be a volunteer chef at the museum fund-raising gala tonight, and I finished the Lackey book and read the other two Among books (evidently there’s a 4th out; I’ll have to get it), and watched a couple episodes of Highlander AND! Went on my walk! I walked yesterday, too! Yay me!

I have not, however, written one lickity split the last two days. Tomorrow I must write.

AUGH! There is more than an inch of new snow out there! AUGH! Stupid snow! Stop falling! Augh!

Well, despite the snow, a very fine day indeed. :)

miles to Rivendell: 378

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