2015 Reading Stats

My major goal for 2015, as far as reading was concerned, was to try to clear out the TBR shelf. I started the year, AFAICT, with 79 books on it; it now has 46. I bought 17 new books, 15 of which I read, and I bounced off five books entirely.

According to Goodreads I read a total of 59 books. According to my own recent reads page I read 66; the latter is more accurate although not necessarily spot on. I read most of them, by a considerable margin (30+), in the 8 weeks we HAD NO INTERNET this summer. Obvs this answers the question of “what did I do before the internet.”

I declared 2015 a year of Reading Books By People I Know, and started the year with 29 books by people I knew on the TBR list, bought an additional 8, and have read 24 of the resulting 37. I shall endeavour to read the remaining 13 in 2016 (plus the sequels that were why a couple of them didn’t get read this year–I wanted to read ’em all at one go and they weren’t all out yet!).

I only read one of my 11 non-fiction books. It’d be unreasonable to expect myself to read the remaining ten in 2016 but I think I’ll try to do a little better there. Even if the typography book gives me typography dreams after only a few pages of reading. :)

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