50,611 words. ‘course, that means 400 more words and I’m at 51K, and that’s just a vicious cycle, but I’m stopping there because I’m in the middle of a conflict and it’ll be relatively easy to pick up again tomorrow. Plus I did 3500 words today, which is pretty good. 28K to go. I would *kill* for a 10K day, though it’d probably help if I’d get up before 9:30 in the morning if I want one. :) Hm. Ted has to get up early tomorrow (I think) to go up to Dublin and give our former landlords the keys to the house and things, so maybe that’ll get me up earlier. We’ll see.

I should figure out what my wordcount’s at. Around 110K, I think. For the year, I mean, not for the book.

Man. I should do weekend writeup stuff, but there’s all this WORK to do. Speaking of which, I’ve noticed again that whole “reward for working is doing moe work” problem. I *must* go forth and get a life.

As soon as this book is done.

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