a bit whirly-eyed

I’m somewhat less together with this posting than I’d like to be. That’s the disadvantage of no net; by the time I get to a computer I’m no longer sure what I wanted to say. I’ve been working on my ‘things that are different’ observations, but the only one that’s sticking with me now is that the not-as-sweet apple juice is vastly preferable, IMHO.

I finished HoS yesterday, so took the rest of the day off and went for a walk with the boys. We got rained on, but not until after we’d done some exploring around Athy, which we’re liking more and more. It’s a nice little town.

Today we went into Dublin to do Christmas shopping, which tired us all out and frustrated Ted some ’cause he couldn’t find the things he was looking for. I gather there’s tremendous shopping out in Blanchfordstown or something like that, but I don’t know if we’ve got the wherewithall to go that far. I, however, found several things I was after, and hit Shaun’s carrying capacity before I was done, so I’m going back in tomorrow to do more shopping. I believe Ted and Shaun will be joining me, and I’ll get to meet up with Deirdre sometime tomorrow. Today we met up with Mom and Dad for lunch. All v. pleasant. :)

There were Ursula drawings in the mail today, but I had to go down to the post office to pick them up ’cause we hadn’t been in when the mail came, so since I was out anyway I went to Curves, too, and had a surprisingly good workout. Ted suggested I do the leg press one leg at a time, which vastly improved the workout there, and then I did barre work before I left, although I forgot to do situps.

Almost none of this was what I’d been planning to talk about. Oh. *laugh* I very nearly had a Moment with a cute girl on the tram today. I tell you, nothing makes you feel like you’re on top of the world like a complete stranger intently checking you out. Well, that might also make you wonder if you’ve got snot dripping from your nose, I suppose, but it being me and my ego, I just assumed she thought I was cute. She even waved at me when I got off the train. That kept me in a good mood for a couple hours. :)

Robin’s tagged me for a meme, but I’m too lazy to do it while I’m paying for access. I’ll do it later, I promise, Robin!

Okay. I think I’m done now, ’cause I can’t think of all the important things I was gonna say. :)