a bunch of things

John Scalzi of Whatever! is doing a Christmas charity drive for literacy. His plan is to write 3 short stories (or rather, two and a poem), which he’ll be putting behind a password. He’s asking for a $3 donation to access those. There’s more information about it in his posting here. A worthy little cause, I think.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has a magnificent, hearbreaking posting of writings, photographs, and now, commentary from her readers, about today, Armistice Day, and the memorials of the Great War. I’ve already seen a number of blog postings about today being Veteran’s Day, and that’s a little startling to me, as I’ve never really noticed the holiday before. Which goes to show you, I think, just how much of an American I am. Or how little a soldier.

I thought I was going to have more links to post this morning, but that seems to be about it. Off to work and slave, now.