a celebration!

Last week I had to go down to Dublin, and a friend brought me out to lunch to celebrate having signed with an agent. We went to Bar Italia, which is fantastic btw, and when the waitstaff arrived to ask if we’d like to look at a dessert menu, my friend said, “Yes! We’re CELEBRATING!”

They asked what we were celebrating, and I explained I was a writer and I had just signed an agent after looking for one for a very long time. They gave me, and then my friend, high-5s, which I thought was really delightful of them.

But then a few minutes later they came back with a cocoa-powder-covered plate in which they’d written “Congrats!” and which had a small bowl of ice cream with a 6 inch HISSING, FIZZING, SPITTING candle in it!

“Don’t worry,” they said, “we won’t sing!” And they did not, but my friend took this picture which I really love. :heart eyes:

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