a day in dublin

Poor Ted had a migraine yesterday (and Friday; I hope it’s defeated today), so he didn’t go with me in to Dublin to see John & Leah et all. I had a lovely lunch with themselves and Pádraig and Deirdre (Pádraig hauled us all into the Dublin City Gallery to show us Francis Bacon’s reconstructed studio, which was a nightmare. I mean, not only could I not work in that, but stepping inside it made me actively uncomfortable. However, John, peering in the window at the utter disaster, said to Leah, “D’you suppose this means someday we’re going to see your dad’s living room in a museum like this?” “Probably,” said Leah. “With himself stuffed and mounted in the corner,” said Pádraig, “and with animatronic movements for his ciggie and cuppa,” Leah concluded. *laughs* So even if the studio was nightmarish, that whole idea was pretty funny. :))

*HOWLS* Leah’s been reading my books, and had just the night before finished HEART OF STONE. “I have a bone to pick with you,” she said. “There was no gargoyle action in this book!” John said, “She finished reading last night and I said, “How was it?” and she said, “*Very* disappointing,” and I thought, “Oh no!” and she said, “There was no hot gargoyle sex!”” and Leah said, “I got to about the last two pages and I realized there was no physical way they could possibly get anything going on, and if they did it was going to be deeply unsatisfying! I was crushed!” So I promised her there was hot gargoyle action in the second book and she was, er, satisfied. *laughs and laughs* I love those two. :)

Their talk about adapting Dracula from book to comic went over a treat, with a good-sized audience, not more than half of whom were known to the presenters. :) I took a zillion pictures, so I’ll post those soon. Our favorites were–no, I’ll just post them. Anyway, it was a very good talk, very interesting, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then I darted off to catch the train home, and took notes on a story idea in an attempt to create a satisfactory Arts Council bursary award application.

So now I have a hundred thousand things to do today. I have to go get kitty litter (which is non-negotiable). I have to get Nook updated so it’s as safe as it can be online, and so I have the handful of programs I need on it (also non-negotiable). I have to try to get ten pages of this unsellable idea written (more negotiable, as the application has to be post-dated the 30th, so I don’t know, maybe I’ll do an extra word war every day to get that done). It wouldn’t hurt to clean the kitchen, maybe make bread, or finish up the laundry (most of which Ted did yesterday despite his headache. Ted is wonderful.), although none of those is actually critical. I do need to get pictures off the camera and edited for John and Leah, which doesn’t have to happen *today* but has to happen soon. And I feel like I’m missing at least two things which I had in mind when I began typing this paragraph, but which have since gone the way of the dodo.

I suppose sitting around at *this* computer will get none of these things done, so I’d best get to it.

Oh. I have to run the chat room tonight. Right. See, I knew I was forgetting something.

eta other thinks to do:
– fill out housing app
– fill out voting apps
write letter to the rental agency people
go buy strawberries & lunch meat

miles to Minas Tirith: 187.5

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