a day of a thousand cookies

Okay, probably not a thousand, but I’m doing an awful lot of baking over the next couple days, in preparation for P-Con! It’s being held at the Irish Writers’ Centre this year, which is awesome in all ways except it does lack a bar/food court, so I’m making around a zillion treats and will put them up with a donate button sign.

I can’t decide if I should make more smaller cookies, or fewer larger ones (more larger ones is not an option), and I can’t figure out what price to suggest as a donation price either way. Maybe €1 for a single large/2 small cookies, €2 for a cupcake, and €3 for the big muffins I’m going to make? All proceeds will go to the care and feeding of P-Con 10 and the Writers’ Centre, so it’s a Noble Cause.

And there is also So Much Housecleaning to do. The upstairs bathroom and the computer *must* be done. Aghglghl.

– write the PRSI letter, argh
– make a thousand cookies
» chocolate chip cookie dough
» oatmeal raisin cookie dough
» chocolate migraine cookie dough
» peanut butter cookie dough
» and also
»» lemon curd muffins
»» apple cinnamon muffins
»» raisin bran muffins
»» raspberry jam muffins
» and also
»» brownie cupcakes
»» *maybe* other cupcakes, depending on how much will I have left…
– clean the kitchen forty 38 35 more times
clean the upstairs bathroom
– clean the computer room
get the spell check finished
– send books to the other small cousin
– finish the tree house
– blog about gwen

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