a desperate bout of jr high

*helpless laughter*

This morning Jai sent me a photograph with no ID, and a subject line that said ‘So do you know who this is?’

Well, yes, of course, I recognized him instantly; it was Rodney, my high school Twuuu Wuuuuv, and I wrote back and said ‘oh my god’, because he is goatee-d and heavier and looks like a country singer star in the photo, and then there was much giggling, and then the girl who’d sent it to Jai apparently told Rod that she’d sent it to Jai and then Rod wanted to know who else Jai’d sent it to and Jai said, “I’ve regressed to jr high!” as she emailed to ask if I wanted her to tell him she’d sent it to me and did I want her to give him my email address if he wrote her to ask who she’d sent it to and if he asked for it.

*starts laughing all over again*

So I of course asked her for his address if she had it and said yes to tell him she’d sent it to me and to send him my address if he asked and then I went ‘my GOD, it IS junior high!’

Except I guess it’s really high school, since these are old high school relationships that are getting dug up.

*more helpless laughter*

Help! Help! My brain has been eaten by high school! Heeeeelp! *howls*