a good day

4200 words this morning, and a possibility of a few hours of contract work a week doing web stuff this afternoon. That would be nice: just enough to give me a total change of pace for a couple hours a day. We’ll see if it pans out.

Between Ted and I, some laundry’s gotten done. Made some bread. I haven’t cleaned the kitchen, though I should do that.

PFDs get deposited tomorrow. I’m going school shopping. :) Well, ok, not school shopping, but shopping! I already did some shopping, with the new leather coat and the new jeans and long-sleeved shirts, but I’m going to get some other good stuff from J. Peterman, and then, er, see if it fits.

Deborah asked me the other day if I was unaccustomed to thinking of myself as attractive, as I seemed to be more willing to experiment suddenly. I said no, I always thought I was attractive (fat, but pretty), it’s just that I’ve finally gotten down to a weight I’m happy with again, and for the first time I also have the resources to buy the kinds of clothes I’ve always *wanted*. Less of a, “Look, I’m thin, time for a makeover!” thing than, “Look, I can justify spending the money to dress the way I’ve always wanted to because I’m not going to hopefully shrink out of those sizes anymore!”

I’ll admit, the difference is slim (ahahaha), and the end results are pretty much the same, but the mental space is different! To me, anyway.

You know, much of the reason I’ve never cared for my full name is that I think it’s very elegant, and I’ve never thought of myself as an elegant person at all. However, between losing weight and getting older, I’m starting to think I might be able to pull it off. This pleases me.

Oh! I read WINTER MOON last night. Those are three very different stories in that book (no surprise). I thought mine held up. I also still think it’s pretty damned weird to be reading my own writing in an actual published book. Pretty damned weird, I tell you.

ytd wordcount: 200,400
miles to Mount Doom: 185