a happy day

The past few months–well, years, but I’m just going to focus on the months :p — have been so exhausting and wearying and overwhelming that when I noticed I was happy, I thought I better mention it.

Part of it is definitely that a friend I hadn’t seen since before I moved to Ireland was able to visit for a couple of days last week, and it was SO WONDERFUL to see her. <3 <3 <3 Part of it is also definitely that my new Virtue Shifters novella, SOMEBUNNY TO LOVE, is out, and I’m happy about that because it’s silly and sweet and has made people laugh, and right now that’s of massive value to me.

But some of it is, like, I was working and hadn’t seen the dog for a while, so I went downstairs to see if he was on the couch, and he was not! Good dog! So I got myself some lunch, and as I was cleaning up the kitchen afterward, I glanced into the living room, and saw this:

He got down as soon as he realized I’d caught him, but it was very funny. :)

Some of it is this lovely thread on Twitter about a one-page Spider-Man comic, and how it and Into the Spider-Verse affected the writer of the thread.

Some of it is that although I didn’t even know it until it was far too late to get tickets, Bruce Springsteen, who by all appearances LOVES Dublin, was here over the weekend for a 3 night gig and brought the house down. My Twitter timeline is full of people who had an amazing weekend because of that, and it’s just…heartening. (Bruce went bowling, and hung out at local pubs and chippers singing for people, and visited the Book of Kells while he was here, the first of which is, like, he’s got a local bowling alley, he goes there every time he comes to Dublin, it’s great. <3) And just a minute ago over on Twitter I saw the first images that the JWST had taken of a star with an asteroid belt similar to our own, and that’s just super cool.

It’s nice to feel positive, even if only for a little while. I hope things are going all right for you all, too. <3