A lovely weekend!

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We had a very busy and lovely weekend in these parts.

Friday was my sister’s work-in-progress performance of the musical she’s writing. It was *splendid*, with four songs, the first of which was so awesome that the audience just sat there gaping at the end of it. The others were equally good, and the audience (of 60-70, which is a quite remarkably full house for the venue and for a work-in-progress) was utterly rapt. I filmed it, and when she puts together her promotional video I’ll link to it here. :)

Saturday evening was the PubCon event to get everybody together despite P-Con having been cancelled this year. There was a terrific turnout. I brought a few copies of MOUNTAIN ECHOES to give away. One lady brought me CAKE! Still-warm-from-the-oven carrot cake! And clutched the book to her bosom and did little dances of joy. *laughs* And people kept saying to me, “I wanted to have a word with you!” which led to me standing in the hall working my way down a line of people waiting to have a conversation with me. *laughs* By the end of the evening I’d made tentative arrangements with about eight different people to Meet Up in some fashion over the next couple of months. Let us now try to make that actually *happen*!

Sunday we had Kate all to ourselves, as she’d come up for the weekend for PubCon and a small person’s birthday, and those duties had been discharged on Saturday. We made a great deal of food, had family around for dinner, hung out, and generally had a very nice, busy day.

Now we probably all need a weekend to recover from the weekend. :)

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