A Melodrama In Sligo

The scene: I am arriving back in Sligo after a couple of days in Dublin.

The setting: Sligo Train Station

The performers: Myself; my father; a random older woman sitting next to Dad in the train station as he awaits me

Dad, rising from his seat, hands extended to capture mine: Catie, Catie, *Catie*! Oh, my darling! Let me *look* at you! Oh, *honey*! Let me look at you, let me look at you!

Me, embracing him: Oh, *Daddy*!

Dad: It’s been so long! My darling girl!

Older woman: -happy weepy face-

Me, stepping out of the embrace, to Dad: You huge *dork*.


Older woman: 😳😦…😑

Dad and I are still giggling at ourselves 24 hours later. 😂

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