A pause to blog.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was also the birthday of many many *many* other fine folk, including but not limited to Esmerel, Silkblade, my ten-years-younger twin Novella with whom I have recently reconnected thanks to FB, Ardian’s little boy, and both Mr & Mrs BurgerEater. Also Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman and Superman. Happy damned birthday to ALL of us!

Bellinghman, in wishing me a happy birthday, said “May you achieve all you set out to do this coming year.”

I thought that was as splendid a birthday toast as could possibly be had. It also made me laugh because of the sheer number of things I tend to set out to do in any given year. Most of them are work-related. And that reminded me of Holly Black’s assistant asking her recently if she had any, y’know, *hobbies*. Things that weren’t, y’know, *writing*. And she didn’t, of course. And that made me think–

–well, it made me think that *god*, I really *love* my job.

Most of my hobbies are writing-related. New projects, like ElectriCity, or collaborative things like EASY PICKINGS with Faith, or the silly project I’ve talked to Kyle Cassidy about (I must pursue that a bit more), or the project with Sarah. These things are my work life, and I *love* them. It’s insane, I know it’s insane, because I’m always juggling things and so busy and trying to make sure I have time, but honestly, I do this to myself because I love it all so much. I am *insanely* fortunate. I get to do something I love for a living, and in a field that a lot of people would like to be in.

So, y’know, thank you. Thank you to all you people who buy my books and my stories and who babysit my kid and go to hot chocolate with me and support me in innumerable other ways that make it possible for me to live this life I love so much. ♥

(I would like to also write a review of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, which we saw a performance of last night, and talk some more about “ElectriCity”, and talk about something the person on Twitter said about writerly neuroses, and about how the Angles revisions are going, and probably six or eight other things I’m forgetting, but I have to go work on EASY PICKINGS now, ’cause the ball is in my court. :))