a rather lovely day

Today has been a rather lovely day. A long-time reader whom I’ve corresponded with for years is in Ireland, and we met for breakfast, which was a genuine delight. Even though she’s still mad at me for something I wrote in the Walker Papers, and took the chance to tell me I’m not yet forgiven. But I also told her a couple of SECRETS, so we were all even in the end, or something. *laughs*

I brought her a copy of GLADIATOR TIGER, which she had not known was dedicated to her, so that was quite a lot of fun. (She had figured something out about the characters after reading the first book in the series, GLADIATOR BEAR, and I was so delighted with her for doing all the leg work on it that I knew right away I’d be dedicating the last book in the series to her. And she’d read it, but in e-book, which typically skips the dedication pages, so it was a surprise to her! And then we both got sniffly, because I, at least, am a Big Goop. :))

I dropped her off at the National Museum, and contemplated lying in the middle of the floor to get a full picture of the beautiful whisper chamber ceiling in there. I asked Indy, who was with me at that particular moment, if it would embarrass him if I did so. “I’d just pretend I didn’t know you,” he said, but I spared him the humility and just took a picture like a normal person (featured image!).

I might swing by with my real camera and a wide angle lens, though, and see if they mind me lying on the floor for a minute. :) I hadn’t been in there in a long time and had forgotten how pretty it was.

Then I brought my poor starving child out for lunch, came home, and made dinner immediately so I didn’t have to think about it at actual dinner time. That was an extremely good idea, and is what I should pretty much always do if I’m responsible for feeding the family.

I have since been doing Work That Isn’t Writing, including this blog post, and later this evening, I shall start to watch the second series of Good Omens.

And that’s me for today.

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