a small accident

I had a small accident this evening. This was similar to a Bookstore Accident, except it was a Comic Shop Accident. Since comics are cheaper than books, it requires fewer of them to have an Accident with.

I was *restrained*! *Really*! I only bought *half* the complete Gambit comic book seires that was available! (I put the other half on hold til next week.) But really! How am I to do a Gambit images site if I don’t have the Gambit comics? It’s not my fault! It was a Sign From Dog!

Speaking of dogs, I should bring Annie for a walk before I go to bed.

Really, there were only 25 issues, and there are about 36 out, so it wasn’t the *whole* series, and I only bought 14 of them today! Um. Right. *big eyes* It’s not my fault. Honest. O.O

went to: yoga

ate: too many cookies