a splendid day

The entirely wonderful Leah Moore and John Reppion were in Dublin yesterday to do a signing at Sub City, our favorite neighborhood (for some value of neighborhood) comic shop. I went in to Dublin to see them and to run errands, and had a really very splendid day.

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On the train in I read Sarah Rees Brennan‘s debut novel, THE DEMON’S LEXICON, which I *loved*. I would think any fan of the television show Supernatural would adore it, as it is largely the story of a complex relationship between two brothers, but with bonus demons, sex, and magic (not necessarily in that order).

Upon arriving in Dublin, the weather was looking dire enough that I thought I would have to buy an umbrella and was regretting my choice of only bringing an overshirt instead of a coat. Then my shoes, which have been giving up the ghost, gave up, and I stopped to buy new ones (which had been part of the errand-running plan, although in my plan they were to have the shoes that would fit me actually in the shop, instead of me buying a pair they’ll deliver to me next week), and by the time I left again the sun was shining brilliantly.

This being Ireland, I did not assume this was how it was to be all day, and so didn’t stop and buy sunblock. The weather tricked me, though, and now I have a merrily pink chest (although my arms, which were just as much exposed, somehow escaped a burn. Odd.). I did pretty much the rest of my errands on the way to making sure I knew where the new Sub City comic shop was (and lo, it was just where it was supposed to be!), and wandered through Temple Bar on my way back to John & Leah’s hotel. This was *very clever*, because I discovered the Saturday Food Market, which I knew was there but had forgotten due to not often being in Dublin on Saturday. So I collected themselves and we went to the market for lunch, where we all got progressively and visibly more freckled while waiting for smoothies to be made (they took a peculiarly long time!). In due course I delivered them to Sub City (after wandering through another market, where Leah got into a very involved discussion about spinning wool, I tried on hats, and we were lured into a shop which has these amazing wonderful costumes which look like Labyrinth gone mad. I’d never been brave enough to go in by myself because it was so strange and wonderful, but fortified by the Moore & Reppion team, I was emboldened), and after a bit went to do the last of my errands, which ultimately involved the purchase of three books and a hat. o.o

They also involved unexpectedly encountering /Shelly at the Chapters bookstore, where between us we sold two of my books to a guy who happened to walk by and pause to look at them (they were already signed; I said, blithely, “I’ll personalized one of those for you if you buy it!”, and he ended up with URBAN SHAMAN, HEART OF STONE, and a business card (Ted does a victory dance at this point, as he’s forever nagging me to carry my cards), because it turned out he’s one of the people involved with GaelCon and “they’re always looking for new people to come in and talk”. Apparently while this was going on, one of the fellows I know there at Chapters wandered by, and moments later said to Pádraig, somewhat incredulously, “Is Catie back there hand-selling her own books?”)), and more expectedly encountering Pádraig himself (you’d forgotten most of this paragraph was a parenthetical statement, hadn’t you?) and wittering with him for a whle. Then I discovered I’d left my money card at one of the morning errand shops and went tearing off across the city to try to find it (which I did, thank God, although if I hadn’t I would’ve spent a lot less money…).

Stopped at the other Sub City, had a good talk with Rob-the-owner, bought NYX: NO WAY HOME, which I enjoyed pretty thoroughly, and X-MEN: NOIR, which I did not like at *all*, then went back and got John, Leah and a hat, and walked them all over the damned city, ending with an utter failure to drop by /Brian’s birthday celebration. I walked twelve miles yesterday!

Sadly, I did not get even *one* picture of all this wonderfulness, because although I brought my camera, I realized as I got on the train that I had been in just enough of a rush to get out the door that I’d failed to get its *battery*, which I’d removed the night before in order to recharge. Doh. John did take a picture of Leah and me having hysterics at the food market, though. :) (Leah said, “I wish we lived closer! Except we would NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE! We would just hang out and giggle and go places and do no work…but we’d be happy!”) So yeah. An utterly terrific day.

And next month when the very splendid Paul Cornell is in Dublin for a Sub City signing, we shall go in again, and it will be a we even if I have to bodily remove Ted from work to go. Hmph.

miles to Minas Tirith: 377

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