a wash, or not

Today was, by all appearances, an utter wash. I slept really poorly and was too tired to think, so after sitting at the computer for an hour and writing 67 words (two of which were “CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE”), I went back to bed for two hours. I finally dragged myself back to the computer, not at all full of confidence, at a quarter after 3 this afternoon. I figured if I could get a thousand words done it’d be enough. Yesterday, after all, was a 6K day, so it’d even out to about 2 chapters over 2 days, and I could live with that.

I then proceeded to write 3K in 2 hours. YAY!

Now I’m going to watch tv, or maybe just sit around and gurgle for a while before going to bed. :)

ytd wordcount: 289,200
miles to Isengard: 139.9

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