It is 8:13 and I have thus far accomplished

1. getting up

2. getting showered

3. starting laundry

4. starting ice cream

5. getting *more* laundry downstairs so I could do another load when the first one is finished

6. reading my blogs and comics for the day.

7. *not* eating a doughnut for breakfast

8. drinking 2 cups of water

Not bad. :)

I am, however, disappointed to note that despite going to the gym yesterday morning, I have not miraculously lost twenty pounds overnight. What a rip-off. :)

Despite 2 hours worth of naps yesterday, I still managed to sleep very solidly for 8 hours last night. I was apparently very, VERY tired!

I seem to have gotten down to the serious business of growing hair, now. The length reached a critical mass, or something, and now it seems like I Have Hair. It’s close enough to being all the same length (despite the weirdness of having it shaved an inch over my ears that I feel I can now grow it with impunity and not require a bunch of trims to try to get it all more or less the same length.

I’m hoping that by October it’ll be long enough to make it worth bleaching. I think bleaching my bangs right now would just look sort of silly. :) But by October it’ll hopefully be cheekbone-length, at least (it’ll require some trims to make it look proper, but), and that might be long enough to bleach. We’ll see!

The cats are being bad. I can tell because they look guilty. I should go see what they’re up to. :)