the actor’s nightmare. ish.

I had dreams between 5:30 and 7:30 in which I could not tell if I was sleeping or awake, even though several times I recognized I had to be sleeping.

The point at which I was doing a stage play with Christopher Lloyd (Doc in the Back to the Future movies) was not enough to make me realize I was sleeping, although my absolute failure to remember any of my lines or even the gist of them after a week without rehearsal was.

The point at which my phone melted and morphed into something that didn’t work as a phone was not enough, but the part where I was trying to explain to someone (Ludacris, actually, I guess because he’s the tech guy in the F&F movies) what had happened, and was telling him I knew it didn’t make enough sense to be believeable, was enough.

There were at least two or three other times the same kind of thing happened but I can’t remember the details. The phone and the almost-actor’s-nightmare (a proper version of which is where you not only don’t know your lines but don’t even know what play you’re in; I seemed to know what play I was in and thought was absolutely absurd I couldn’t remember my lines) were vivid enough to wash away the other ones, I guess.