Actual Manor House

I forgot to show you guys the place we’re moving into.


It is an actual Georgian (or Georgian-style; we don’t know when it was built) manor house. Not a huge one: it’s 4 bedrooms, not, like, 38 or something. But it’s an actual manor house. It has a living room AND a sitting room. And that is, yes, a gazebo; please do not shoot it with an arrow.

It has about an acre of grounds, and a brook running through them, although the brook is in the badly overgrown part of the grounds and I don’t particularly expect us to make any effort to access it because all that overgrowth is a buffer from the road sounds. This is literally a country manor in the middle of a city, which is what I’ve been saying for years I wanted to live in. :)

Over to the left, in the corner hidden by the tree, is a little alcove with a bench, for secluded afternoon sitting. It’s badly overgrown, but potentially wonderful.

There’s loads of manicured garden (the back garden is longer than the front, which is what’s visible in the photo), and a large jumble of space in the back garden that’s overgrown but not gone entirely to the wild; I have dreams of turning that into a fruit and vegetable garden, although I’m gonna have to have somebody come in and clear it because I recognize the unlikelihood of me actually managing to do that.

There is, for the love of heaven, a swimming pool. God knows when it was last used, and we don’t expect to use it, but there’s a 3m swimming pool in the back garden.

The down side to the whole place is that it’s got single pane windows, so it’ll leak heat like a sieve, but it’s such a cool property that we decided we’d be fools not to take it.

Visiting hours will commence once I’ve written REDEEMER and am a little less behind in work. :)

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