Alarming Encounters, & Oatmeal

Oatmeal gets cold very quickly when you eat it outdoors at 21°F.

This morning, Chantico and I had an Alarming Encounter With A Moose And Three Small Children. This is Very Alarming Indeed if you are a 9 week old puppy! Or, for that matter, a small child. Well, the moose part was alarming to the small children, anyway. I walked them to school (we live right next to the school) and they regaled me with other stories of Moose Encounters that they’d had, and all was well.

I didn’t log on to the computer at ALL this weekend. It was kind of refreshing. :) Instead I, um. We did errands and we did shopping and I read two Diana Wynne Jones books and I watched a couple of movies (Coyote Ugly, which was just about the right speed for my little tiny mental processes on Saturday night) and Quills, which was very, very good (I think I might have a little crush on Joaquin Phoenix. Heck, I’ve even learned to say his name. Joaquin, not Phoenix…), and, um. Oh. I made BBQ pork ribs for dinner and nobody was home to eat them. :P