all right. must work.

Ok, suckfully, I need to do some work today. Even MORE suckfully, Ted’s goddamned work called at four thirty this morning and /he’s/ been at work /since/ then. Fuckers.

So the work I have to do today is to make mockups. I don’t particularly wish to do this, but I have to, so I’m thinking I’ll set up a little reward system for myself. I have like five mockups to do, I think. For each mockup I get done, I can draw a rough (no doubt very very very VERY rough) draft of a panel for the first Chance issue. This will not be the I’m-trying-to-pitch-it-to-Marvel version. This will be the Catie Needs Practice Drawing version.

Ok, so off I go to .. actually, to get some water. Then to do a mockup.