All The Food

Wow. Shaun’s parents took us out to dinner last night, and let me tell you, that was worth missing the SinC meeting for. Wow. We went to Sullivan’s, which is a steak house up here, and they do everything a la carte, which means they literally gave us each a large plate with nothing but a hunk of meat in the middle of it. Several of us ordered side dishes, which came literally in side dishes, which none of us expected, and which were all large enough to serve several people. We hadn’t know that, so, well, now we do for the next time we go there. I ordered broccoli hollandaise or however that’s spelled, and while I didn’t like the sauce, the broccoli was insanely good. Oh, and I had a filet mignon, too, which was excellent. I think Ted and Sandra had filet, too, and I forget what Gary had, but man, it was all really good. And then there were Insane Desserts. Shaun had cheesecake that was to die for, Ted and I shared a chocolate brownie thing that was crisp on top and melty on bottom and had ice cream, and Gary and Sandra shared a creme brule as big as my head.

Came home, watched Buffy, which … wasn’t a bad episode; in fact, as an episode in general I liked it more than at least half this season, but as a penultimate… blah. I’m clearly not going to get what I was hoping for as a series resolution, and I’m not at all convinced they’re going to end it in any even vaguely satisfying fashion.

The plumber is here. There are weird noises happening in my pipes now. Water beginning to run. The walls are gurgling! Apparently he fixed the broken bit already, but we have to see if the boiler seals are going to contract and break from being exposed to cold water. He says if we’re lucky, they won’t. o.O

All-hands meeting now!

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