all the sleep

It’s been a weekend of All The Sleep. I got home from the memorial service and slept for 9 hours, woke up on Saturday and went to get my hair cut, came home and tried uploading the photos from the service (stupid gallery’s not working from my desktop, apparently I’m going to have to upload pictures from the laptop, which isn’t net-connected right now), went back to bed at about 3:15 and woke up around a quarter to seven, watched a movie, went /back/ to bed at midnight, slept til nine again, and finally started feeling like I might be human.

Today we got up and went shopping and came home and went shopping /again/ and bought new reading chairs that were on sale at Fred Meyer’s, then uhm. Wwent to the UAA gym to get a membership, which was only 50% accomplished, then went to Habitat to see if we could find a doughnut-cutter, then went and had lunch at Bear’s Tooth, then came almost all the way home before we remembered we hadn’t gotten a pooper scooper, so we turned around and did that, then Ted put one of the chairs together and we discovered the other one came pre-broken, so we brought it back and got another one and Ted put it together while I made doughnut dough. Oh! And Ted got his hair cut and I wandered around Title Wave a little and I bought Disney’s Beauty & the Beast.

And now I’m all irritatingly zingy and chipper and *utterly* blonde. Metaphysically speaking, not really. Although I almost did get bangs cut yesterday. Which has nothing at all to do with being blonde, but nevermind that. O.O