almost there.

I have finished everything except the epilogue and the rewrite of the prologue. The book is currently weighing in at 176,400 words, and I expect the epilogue will be around 3K, as will be the rewritten prologue (the original of which is included in the book’s wordcount, so it, at least, won’t add more to the book).

My plan: write the epilogue tomorrow morning, then do AAs on HoF all afternoon and into the evening, and then on Thursday rewrite the prologue and finish the AAs. Fixing manuscript notes, doing spell checks, and printing the TPC behemoth out while typing up the AAs will be Friday’s job, and both books will be turned in Friday afternoon.

I’m going to go have a breakdown now.

ytd wordcount: 197,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 397.6