an easter miracle!

It’s like an Easter miracle! I put Chanti’s new head harness lead thingy on her, and while she doesn’t think much of it, it’s AMAZING. She can’t pull me and she almost entirely stopped trying, almost immediately. We went for a 1.25 mile walk which was overall extremely good. She did bonk my calf which sent a significant ow into my lower back, and we passed a puppy and she shook her head so much she slid out of the nosepiece of the halter, but she didn’t pull and jerk and lunge away, so it was fine. Wow, I’m *stunned* at the difference this thing makes. Now I can bring her on walks! YAY!

Ted came downstairs from playing video games or something or other at 2, and I said, “I’ve had a very busy day! I’ve made bread and a cake and rewritten two chapters and picked up dog poop and gone on a walk and cleaned the kitchen twice!”

Ted said, “I need a nap now!” *giggle* I told him he had to clean the kitchen counter, which he thought seemed reasonable. And we went and picked up a couple things at the grocery store and then I walked Chanti and I tell you what, I’m pooped! Soon there will be Easter dinner. Baked ham and mashed taters. (PO *TAY* TOES.) Yum!

ytd wordcount: 128,000
miles to Rivendell: 393.25