Anyway, before I made an ass of myself emailing Messagefire (I did send them another message saying ‘heh, sorry, figured it out’) I was going to say, no writing this morning, but we did go over to my parents’ house last night and have a lot of enthusiastic political discourse, which was fun. I guess Fridays are mostly my mornings off from writing, which is primarily because Ted doesn’t have to get up at 5:30 to go to class, so I feel no guilt about staying in bed. I’ll probably write later today, because I’d kind of like to hit 45K tomorrow, just ’cause, well, that’d be cool.

*laugh* Warren Ellis posted a very long comic book script this morning and at the end of it said he’d been working for five days straight and no longer remembered what a girl looked like, so I sent him an email with a photo and said, “Here you go, then, one girl, delivered to your email box.”

He writes back with, “I love the 21st century.” *laugh*

Okay, that made the morning better. :)

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