art classes

Oh, I did figure out what art classes I’m going to take, too. Assuming — well, two things. Assuming I get a student loan (although I get an extra paycheck in August, so if I don’t get the loan I probably won’t be totally doomed), and assuming my boss will let me shift my work hours back so that I can make it to 4pm classes, I’ll probably take intermediate drawing, and 2-D and 3-D design classes, which are 3 of the 5 core classes I need to take. I may have already taken an intermediate drawing class, actually, but this one, they say, has live models, and I like drawing from life, so I want to take it. The other two core classes are art history classes, and I’m going to see if I can petition out of them. It might be interesting (probably would be) but I have a general grasp of art history and if I can get out of the classes, well, I will. :)