as the world falls down

All right, well, as we wait to see whether Twitter, like, collapses into a singularity or something, I’m at least updating my website, and maybe I’ll learn how to blog again. Probably not, but who knows, it could happen.

I…have no idea what to write. I can still write books, but not, apparently, a blog post of more than 280 characters.

I’ve recently finished writing my fiftieth book. I’ve even more recently finished my tenth novella (although of the 50 books, 3 are short story collections that include novellas, so we start getting into murky territory right away here). I started knitting once and stopped again. I occasionally read something, but mostly I forget to, and go look at Twitter instead. (Arguably Twitter disappearing would be good for me. Equally arguably, it would not be.)

I moved my Professional Self over to a while ago, and think it was a good decision. I think it’d be an even better one if I remembered to update it regularly, but *waves hands at the world* I think I’ve got reason to not remember.

And now dinner is ready, so I don’t have to try to remember how to blog anymore. :)