Ask the Author: genres I’d like to write in

The Question: Are there any genres in which you’d like to write (that you’ve not written in already)?

Once upon a time the answer to this question was “cozy mysteries!” but since I’ve been writing the Dublin Driver series for a while now, it’s less of a pointed answer. :)

Genres, wow, well, actually yes! Having spent the past several years learning to write romance novels (which was NOT an easy task!), I’d really love to try writing romantic suspense. I have a pile of research novels to read for structure and seeing how they develop the not-romantic side of the story, but I’ve only read one or two so far, and this year has, hoo boy, Not Gone As Planned, so my hopes for writing a draft of a romantic suspense novel are almost certainly shot to hell.

I would also really like to write what’s loosely called women’s fiction, in the sense of the whole “small paranormal element of an otherwise ordinary world” kind of thing. Like The Lake House, Practical Magic, Age of Adeline or Winter’s Tale (which was an *awful* movie but made me wish very strongly that I could THINK of a low-key paranormal idea like it to write something in that genre). I think I’d really enjoy it, but my brain just will *not* serve up the ideas. All I end up with is “oh I would have done it THIS way” when I watch or read these things.

So those are at least a COUPLE genres I’d like to write in. There are no doubt zillions of others. :)